Selling a House in Poor Condition: What You Need to Know

Like many Americans, you may have decided that it’s time to sell your home. However, you may not have time on your side. If you’re relocating for a job, dealing with a divorce, or facing financial hardship, you may be looking to sell your home quickly. But what if your home needs a lot of work to interest a buyer?

A home that needs major repairs might not seem like an easy sell — at least, not to most real estate agents. But contrary to popular belief, you can sell a home in as-is condition.

Is Selling a House in Bad Condition Hard to Do?

Most real estate agents would say that selling a house in poor condition can be difficult — especially if you’re trying to sell the property for a higher price point. Although many buyers are now looking for fixer-upper properties and aren’t afraid to take on a project, they aren’t going to offer a lot of money for a home that needs a ton of work.

However, selling a house in bad condition isn’t impossible. In fact, it’s probably a lot easier than you realize. While it can be difficult to sell a home that needs major repairs when you list a home on the real estate market, that’s not the only way to interest a buyer. Home investors regularly make fair cash offers for homes that are in need of repairs. It’s par for the course for home investors. It’s also way easier for the current owners, as they’re able to receive a cash payment in a short amount of time — all without having to waste time or effort on fixing up a house they’ll soon be leaving.

Where Do I Start Selling a House in Poor Condition?

The best way to get starting on selling a house in poor condition is to call us or fill out a very short application on our website to tell us a bit more about your property. From there, we’ll contact you with a no-obligation cash offer, giving you control over whether to move forward and on what timeline. 

Ultimately, selling a home in as-is condition isn’t as hard as you might assume. Whether your home has significant structural issues or just needs a bit of sprucing up, you shouldn’t have to deal with the stress and expense that come along with making repairs. To learn more about how you can sell your home quickly with help from our expert investors, please contact us today.


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